Countryside tourism – Ethno woodenhouse “Konaci Jankovic”

Welcome to the Konaci Janković website, who is a true example of rural tourism in Serbia, which will introduce you to all the benefits of local hospitality.

An ideal place for rest and recreation represents Mušići village at the foot of Divčibare, 9 km from Kosjeric and 140 km from Belgrade. The village of Mušići is surrounded by mountain ranges and Povlen Crnokosa the one hand and on the other side of Divčibare.

Built from the mouth of the stream and the Skrapež to Maljen (Tourist Center Divčibare) and Subjel the village of Mušići located at an altitude of 700 m. It is a place of untouched nature, clear springs, woods and flower meadows. According to the method of work and life of this village is quite hilly – mountainous, extraordinary to walk and engage in different types of active holidays.

Konaci Janković are three bed lodge made in modern ethnic style. Besides outbuildings offer accommodation there is a guest house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Lodge are decorated in a modern style, and each room has a TV and DVD player, and heating is central. The common area for guests is a small house with a capacity of 30 seats.

Household Janković organizes lunches with groups visits (hikers, pensioners, etc.) And fly to nearby surrounding sights. Recommended places such as: Divčibare, Guča, Zlatibor, Mokra Gora, Potpeć cave, then monasteries in Ovčar Banja, as well as the birth house of Miloš Obrenović in Dobrinja.

In addition to accommodation we offer only homemade food prepared by recipes of our old grandmother. In view of that we have a professional catering staff, quality of accommodation and food services are guaranteed a price very fair and affordable.

Visit our gallery and enjoy the real natural beauty that our household and the village of Mušići, and the environment.

Come to ethno sculpting Konaci Janković and rest.


How to come?

Distance from Belgrade – 140 km. The shortest and best route: – Ibarski road, turn right to Valjevo (near OMW pump in the cell). On entering the city Divci, after the pump coming in on the left Mionica and Divcibare. On leaving the Divčibare turn left to Pozega. Then, at 25 km in the village Jezevica turn right for the village of Musici, which is 5km away. Distance from Novi Sad – 210km. The shortest route Ruma – Sabac – Valjevo: – On entering the Kosjerić after the railway turn left for Musici, distance 10 km.

Mušići village - Ethno woodenhouse Konaci Jankovic